Posted by: natiiseoanee98 | 28/11/2014

My work in the first term

In this term the teacher told us to write two posts and record a radio program. I did a radio show with my partner Brenda. On our program we had an email for the people who were listening to ask us to dedicate songs. The singers who we spoke about were Rihanna – Where have you been, Katy Perry – Roar, Daffy – Mercy, and Auryn – Heartbreaker.

We talked a little about how the singers came to fame with songs became celebrities.

First of all we wrote what we had to say on the program, the we recorded the conversation, downloaded songs and got all in a pendrive. Once everything was recorded and the songs placed on the minute we had to listen to the program. If any part of the recording was wrong we had to cut and repair it.

Litle by litle we finished the Radio Program YouAsk.


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