Posted by: neregarcia13 | 27/11/2014

Technology: Then vs Now

Technology has changed the daily life of people. It has changed the way we work and live. This change has been good but it also has bad things. For example, you used to spend more time out with your friends and now you chat via social networks. Technology has also changed the way of learning new things. You did not use to have Internet at home so you had to go to the library or you had to find information in books. At school, things have changed too like for example we used to have blackboards, but now we use smartboards. In some schools studends don’t use books, they use tablets and Kindles. Another thing that has changed at school also is the telephone. Students used to go to the principal’s office but now they use their own phone. In conclusion technology has improved our daily life and it changes more every day.




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