Posted by: aguiarfederico | 21/11/2014

The Russian Submarine

The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet” reveals important information about a Russian submarine in the area of the archipelago of Stockholm That was so strange for the Swedish Armed Forces and they decided to search  it. People think that it was a cold war incident between Russia and Sweden.

Whatever, The Russian military interventions cause a lot of worry in the Swedish country, because  they are doing intervention in other countries like Ukraine. That is why, Sweden is trying to expel this submarine with the military armed forces.

In a conference, The Swedish Armed Forces say that they haven’t received information about any emergency call in Russia. Some people have blamed The Swedish Military of seeing phantom submarines all the time.

This situation increases Swedish anxiety over their security. Altough Russia denies they have a submarine in the Swedish area, the Swedish don’t think that is true



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