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No Name Story

by Xosé Alfonso

One day Jack, an American boy, was in his garden with his little sister Jodie. When he was playing with her, a man in black went into his home and Jack said:

-Who are you?

-A friend of your parents.

MIBLater, when Jack went into the house it was night.

-Mom, what do we have for supper?

-What is supper? Who are you? What is this place?

-I’m Jack, your son. And this place is your home.

-What is home? What is son?

Jack was confused. He didn’t know what was up, and he thought what it was a prank.

-Is it a prank mom? It is not funny.

-What is prank? What is joke?

In this moment Jack recalled a film that he had seen the other day: Men in Black. They were a group of the army who helped the good aliens who had come to the planet and destroyed the menaces.

Later he remembered the man who had gone into his home that morning and he thought that man was a MIB and he had removed his parents’ memory.

‘I need to find that man.’ thought Jack. ‘I’ll go downtown tomorrow.’

The next day Jack went downtown and he found the men in black quickly.

-Give my parents their memory back, now!

-But… its a prank! Didn’t you know?

Jack was confused. First he cried and later he laughed.

That night Jack and Jodie had supper with their parents.



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