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DivergentDivergent is the first book of the Divergent trilogy. It’s a novel of adult science fiction adventure by Veronica Roth. It’s about the life of Beatrice “Tris” Prior since the day of the faction election. It’s situated in a post-apocalyptic Chicago distributed in five diferent factions: amity, for the peaceful; candor, for the honest; dauntless, for the brave; erudite, for the intellectual; and abnegation, for the selfless, the faction where she lived. Her test for choosing faction is inconclusively, she has aptitude for three factions: abnegation, erudite and daundless. She is divergent. The day of the election she chooses dauntless. In her initiation she meets Four, her instrutor. She is the first jumper. Her initiation is very difficult, only the top ten will stay while the rest will become factionless. There Tris learns how to fight and she discovers that she has only seven fears.


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