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Bachata, Dominican genre

bachataBachata is a Latino genre of music that originated in the Dominican Republic in the 20th century with the African descendants. The first Dominican bachatas were recorded after the demise of Trujillo.  Bachata music was denigrated by the Dominican elite and associated with rural underdevelopment. The typical bachata group consists three types of guitar: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, electric bass guitar.  There are two instruments more: the bongos and güira, too. There are people who learn to dance bachata in a simple form. Bachata is similar to Merengue, dips aren’t original to the dance. Bachata is a beautifully sensual dance. It is very popular in the places where Dominicans live.  It depends on the rate of music, but bachata is very easy to dance.

Romeo (born in 1981) is an American artist, but his father is Dominican. When he was a kid, he was  a member of the church choir. Romeo is a singer that sings in English and Spanish. Romeo formed part of a group of Bachata, “Aventura”, during many years.   In  2011, he was published one song “You” as soloist. “You” was a success and at the moment he is being a famous singer.

In not much years, he was a figure of Bachata genre. It is an important artist for making Bachata music. He is a singer as famous as Zacarias Ferreira, Juan Luis Guerra and other singers.


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