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fencingFencing, also called “olimpic fencing” to differentiate it from classical fencing, is the martial art of fighting with blades. It is divided into three categories: sabre, foil and épée. The main objective is to score a set of number of points in your opponent before he does. Points are scored when you touch your opponent’s body. It requires technique and resistance, it developes arms, back, abdominals and legs. and is really recommended if you have back problems.

The history of fencing dates from the Ancient times, because it was used to train soldiers; but the first appearence as an entertaiment sport was in mid-18th century, when the first academy was opnened in London.

Each variety has different rules, and you need to know different strategies:

For the foil: You can only touch the torso and the neck. For épée: You can touch the entire body, this variety is considered the most difficult of the three, but it is also the most used. For sabre: You can touch the torso, the arms and the neck.

We can’t say all of  the techniques, but the most used and those whick are used for all weapons are:

Offensive: attack (extend the sword for declaring the attack), feint, lunge, remise, flick etc. Defensive: parry, riposte, point in line etc

For fencing you need a special equipment, which is made of cotton and nylon, and that is protective. What is used is: a special jacket, a plastron (that goes under the jacket), a glove (is only used for the hand where you carry the weapon), breeches (that are a tipe of trousers) and a mask. You also need a plastic chest protection (goes under the plastron).




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