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Silke_HörmannCanoeing is one of the oldest sports. It began as a way of communication and it has become one of the most celebrated sports today. It is a water sport that is played on a light boat, usually fiberglass or plastic (in pleasure craft), and Kevlar or carbon (in racing boats). Canoeing sprint is a sport in which athletes race boats on calm water. In a canoe, the paddler is seated in the direction of travel, and uses a double-bladed paddle. The canoe has a rudder, which is operated by the feet of the paddle in the front. Officially canoeing sprint is a blanket term for both canoeing competition and kayak racing. The competition is divided into two races: the kayak, in which competitors are seated in the boat and can use both ends of the paddle; and the canoe, in which competitors kneel and use a single-bladed paddle to propel themselves. They make competitions of  distances of 200m, 500m or 1,000m, either solo, in pairs or in teams of four. Each event is defined by a code, such as K2. This sport can be affected by the weather because it is outdoors.





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