Posted by: silviaby97 | 07/06/2014

I can’t get scared at anything… but that was very strange…

What was happening? Who was that person? I stood looking at the door. Suddenly, I saw a shadow crossing the hall, only a shadow, I opened my eyes. That normal person who had been with me a few minutes ago was different. He was wearing the same clothes, but her face…

…seemed very pale.

It was a ghost and came towards me. Now I was scared. I get out running down the hall, but other people started sleepwalking, dressed with dark clothes, lights went out and lights appeared. I fell to the ground and I tried to take off my clothes, I thought they wanted to eat me or suck my blood.

They looked at each other without blinking and without speaking. They started to run, but tripped on the corner with a living skeleton, it came towards me and began to talk to me in a strange voice.

He said that the park had been a graveryard for centuries and every five years the dead wandered around the library, which was their home and everyone who entered the place became their enemy; so, I was now an enemy of those undead.

To be continued…


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