Posted by: silviaby97 | 01/06/2014

One night in October!

I was born in Madrid, where I live, but I travel to Galicia very much.

It was in the month of October, a cold day, typical of the time.

That night I was going to meet my partner’s family, but before that I started to walk in a nearby park. There I found an old building which was a library. The building was small, it had a hall and three floors. At the entrance, there was a white book. He was a guestbook, where visitors wrote their names, the surname and their addresses.

I’m going to tell you what really happened there, but it seems a horror movie.

I climbed the first three steps, and in one of the rooms I saw a light which turned on and off several times, I thought it was someone else or maybe the bulb wasn’t working properly.

I asked the librarian, an elderly but very friendly person, if I could take a book from the other room where the foreign literature was and she answered me that I could. After that I signed on the white paper and I wrote my personal details.

Everything seemed quite normal.

I chose the book in the section, I stayed for a little longer. I chose a children’s book “Les contes rouges du chat perché” and I sat.

We were just two people in the room. Suddenly the light went off. It turne on in a few seconds and, whop! I was alone. Where was that other person? He had gone in the darkness and he hand’t bumped into any tables or chairs.

To be continued…


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