Posted by: brendaretazzi98 | 17/05/2014

Galician Literature Day

Galician Literature Day is a public holiday observed in Galicia, Spain. It is a celebration of the Galician language and its literature which was inaugurated by the Royal Galician Academy in 1963. This celebration has taken place on May 17 each year since 1963. In the year 1991 Galician Literature Day was declared a public holiday all over Galicia. The first celebration took place in 1963 to commemorate the centenary of Cantares Gallegos, the first work written in the Galician language by Rosalia de Castro (1837–1885), who later became one of the most important poets in the history of Galicia.

This year it is dedicated to Xosé María Díaz Castro, who was a Galician poet and translator. Some of his most famous poems are Penélope and Como unha espada. I recited them on the spot which was held at the school. I’m very happy I could recite these two poems in front of my classmates and teachers. Its was a very good experience!



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