Posted by: fafi97 | 06/05/2014

Alice in Wonderland

Alice_par_John_Tenniel_04As everyone knows, Alice in Wonderland relates the story of the child Alice in a world of fantasy and surrealism called Wonderland, a place full of crazy species and ridiculous situations, from The White Rabbit and The Queen of Hearts, to the pastries that can change your size.

Beyond the very own story, the structure of the tale is really original and innovative, due to its multiple logic games and allusions to the many different cultural models from the victorian era, naming children songs, poem, as much in their original version as in the Alice’s version, metaphors, talking about their habits and famous people from those days, and all of this make the book a satire of the society. It’s such a pleasant novel, so easy to read, as the author, Lewis Carroll, wrote it to a 10 years old child, Alice (so we can deduce the reason of the title).

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