Posted by: silviaby97 | 15/04/2014

Finally… relax!

January, February, March, April arrives and IES Xoán Montes closes its doors. We are going to enjoy these mini holidays.

Finally, the Holy Week arrives. Spaniards usually pack their bags and enjoy these days in different ways. But some of them work and many families stay in their cities, because of the recession in Spain.

If the weather is good you can go to the beach, start these days of 2014 sunbathing and swimming in the sea. For English people, Spain is a paradise holiday: sun, good food and special drinks. Another advantage is cultural or even religious tourism. Our processions are globally known. A good destination for this week would be Seville. A beautiful city where you can do any type of tourism: processions, culture and although there isn’t a beach, you can sunbathe on the banks of the Guadalquivir. Galicia is a good destination too.

And… finally, have a good week and enjoy it!


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