Posted by: nelxitho | 12/04/2014

2nd Term

I really liked how we worked this term. It is very different from what we always do. Veiga had a great idea for this term, acting as tour guides and filming. We were 4 groups and each group had to talk on a different location. Maria and Debora talked about the main square, Sheila, Raquel and Ana talked about the cathedral, Rocio, Isa and I talked about the roman wall. We tried to organize everything and act very well. In the recording time Rocio couldn’t stop laughing and Isa forgot her sentences, I almost died eating a fruit gum because I couldn’t stop laughing, but in the end everything went well. I was worried about Ana’s group since she got sick the day of their filming and she nearly missed it.

We will soon film a new series that will be much like a complete different mind set to what you have seen till now and it will be the best that you will see.


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