Posted by: rociocorbelle98 | 09/04/2014

My evaluation

In this term I consider I have made a great effort. In the computer room I made many posts, for example: the post about doughnuts, the post about the roman wall, the post about my favourite sport and posts with stories…

Appart from the posts, in class we were doing dialogues between us. The project involved that one of us was the guide and the others were tourists who came to visit Lugo. The class was divided into four groups. Ana, Raquel and Sheila did Lugo Cathedral. María and Débora did the main square. Brenda and Natalia did the market, and I, with María Isabel and Nelson worked on the Roman wall. Nelson and I were the tourists who came from China and María Isabel was the guide. It took about two months to prepare the dialogue, to go out and do the recording. It worked out pretty well even though we had to record a lot of times because we were nervous, we couldn’t hold our laughter… Despite this I am very happy with the result of our work. What I liked most of this work is that we had to team together. Also our teacher had a courtesy: he brought us sweets. I think I deserve to pass because I’ve worked hard and I did everything the tutor ordered.


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