Posted by: ranaamary | 08/04/2014

The 2nd Term

The 2nd term in the class of English we worked as tourist guides. The class was divided in four groups, the first group was: Rocio, Nelson and Isabel, the second group was: Natalia and Brenda, the third group was: María and Débora and the fourth group was: Raquel, Ana and Sheila. Two groups had one guide and one tourist and the other groups had one guide and two tourists. We prepared the talks for two months. Before filming we practiced in class. When we started practicing in class the teacher told us what we had to change. Each group was assigned a day to film.

The first group filmed on 10th of March on the Roman Wall, the second group filmed on 11th March in the Market Place, the third group filmed on 13th March in the Main Square, and the fourth group filmed on 17th March in the Cathedral. Once we finished recording, the teacher made a trailer of the recordings, and this is what we did in the 2nd term.


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