Posted by: raquelalvesvina | 07/04/2014


This term, my class and I left the school to film as tourist guides. We were four groups; the first one visited the “Roman Wall”, the second visited “the market place”, the third visited the “the Main Square” and my group and I visite the cathedral. In each group there was a guide and one or two tourists, the guide answered the questions from the tourists. Before visiting these sites, we rehearsed in the clasroom, the teacher watched us rehearse and corrected our mistakes. In the recording, the teacher shared gums with a crocodile shape with the class. The first group Rocío, Isabel and Nelson recorded scenes in the “Ferrol Square”, then they walked up the steps in the “Praza de Ferrol” on to the wall, they recorded scenes on the wall and then they walked down the steps in “Rua Nova”. The second group Brenda and Natalia visited the “Praza de Abastos” they recorded scenes inside and outside the market. The third group María and Débora recorded scenes in “Praza Mayor”. Finally my group visited the cathedral and recorded scenes in “Praza Mayor”, then in “Praza de Santa María” and finally at the main gate.


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