Posted by: msalcastelo22 | 06/04/2014

Tourist and guide

In this evaluation they were working about tourist guides. In my class we had four groups. The first group were Isabel, Rocío and Nelson. Rocío and Nelson were the visitors, Isabel was the official guide.  They were visiting the Roman Wall. The second group were Brenda and Natalia. Brenda was the guide and Natalia was the tourist. Brenda explained Natalia about the city market. The third group was Débora and me. Débora was the tourist and I was the guide. I explained the main square, the City Hall and the bandstand. The last group was Raquel, Sheila and Ana. Raquel and Sheila were the tourists and Ana was the guide. Ana made the explanation for the cathedral.

When the pratice lessons ended, the recording of video began. We started recording the video on Monday 1oth and we finished on Monday 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day.

While each group was filming the video, the rest were eating crocodile shaped fruit gums of different colours but on the last day the gums had a different shape, they had run out of crocodiles in the shop. When we ended filming, the teacher started working on the video.  I like the concept of visitors and guides, but I don’t like the time we spent because we couldn’t do more things.

This term we all worked a lot, all the class deserve to pass. All of us have made an effort, all of us were good this term. This term was better than the previous one. Teacher, we must pass, we deserve it.

Now for the next job, we are looking fordward to the next term!!


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