Posted by: brendaretazzi98 | 05/04/2014

2nd term in English

In the second term in the class of English every student worked as a tourist guide. In four groups they had to look for information about a place in Lugo, and use it in a small dialogue between two or three people.  For almost two months we practised in class. When it was already prepared we told the teacher and the teacher started grading our work.

With everything prepared we decided to start filming on each place, the first group started in the wall, the second group was the marketplace, the third group went to the main square and finally the fourth group went to the cathedral.

Its was the only project we did in the term, but we learned many thing, and a lot of vocabulary. As I explained before, there were four groups: Rocío, Isabel and Nelson the first, Natalia and Brenda the second group, Débora and María the third and the fourth group Raquel, Ana, and Sheila. What I liked most of this project was working on something different from other classes and most importantly rapport;  and what I liked least was the hard work to find how to say everything in English but after almost two months all in all we came out quite well. I am very happy with my English work this term.


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