Posted by: natiiseoanee98 | 01/04/2014

Brenda and Nati’s afternoon

We’ve been friends for three years, we like to be together in our spare time. Sometimes we meet in class to work. In bad weather we usually stay home. We’re almost always at Brenda’s. There we play with her brother and in good weather we go down to the park and play ball. After about 19:00 we go up to have a snack, a sandwich that Brenda’s grandfather prepares for us. When we finish having the snack we watch TV and talk about the work we have to do for class. And if we have work to do, we do the exercises together and we help each other. About 21:00 Nati’s mother comes to collect her to take her home and finally when Nati comes home when we speak on whatsapp.


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