Posted by: natiiseoanee98 | 23/03/2014


In the second term, all the class had to make a group work. My schoolmate Brenda and I were one of the four groups that we had, Brenda being the guide and I the tourist. We chose to visit the Market Place, where Brenda explained to me which days there was a market and what they usually sell. She also explained where it used to be located before, while I asked her questions such as, for example, where people brought the food from, what the opinion of people was…

The groups were:

Group 1: Rocío, Isabel and Nelson. They visited the Roman wall.

Group 2: Brenda and I. Our work was explained in the previous lines.

Group 3: Débora and María. They visited “Praza Maior”.

Group 4: Ana, Sheila and Raquel that made their work in the cathedral.

What I liked best is that besides laughing we learned that if you want to do something different it takes its time and sacrifice.


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