Posted by: deboraapa10 | 21/03/2014

Second Term Assessment

My opinion about the second term is very good. The class worked both individually and in groups. I’ll explain what we did. We were split up in four groups. Each group planned the place that they wanted to visit. Each group had to write a conversation, according to the place selected. During a whole week, the class left the school to film the different groups. We visited different places: the Roman Wall, the Market, the Cathedral and the “Praza Maior”. I believe that all the groups acted out the conversation very well, in spite of some little mistakes. In my opinion, all the class deserve a good mark. The class were looking forward to seeing their work finished. Probably the work isn’t perfect, but a good mark will be perfect. In this term all the class worked enough, but in the third term, we will work even more. The class are wishing to start the third project. LET’S GO FOR THE THIRD TERM!


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