Posted by: ranaamary | 14/03/2014

My Favourite Sport

hockeyMy favourite sport is the Hockey. Hockey is a sport that is played between two five-man teams (four skaters and one goalkeeper). They try to drive the ball into the opponents’ goal using their sticks. The game has two 25-minute halves (for adults). Each team has a one-minute timeout in each half. Each team has a minimum of six players  (a backup goalie is required) and a maximun of ten. The equipment of the goalkeeper is: helmet, gloves , neck guard, protection for chest and thigh, elbow guard and neck brace. The equipment for the skaters is: allowed gloves, helmet, shinpad, elbow guard, shell, kneepad.

I’ve liked hockey since I was a little girl. My favourite team is Lostregos. I don’t play in any team now, but I’ll sign up for one as soon as I can.



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