Posted by: rociocorbelle98 | 11/03/2014

The Roman Wall

The Roman Wall of Lugo encircles the historic centre of the Galician city of Lugo, The old Roman city of Lucus Augusti, founded byPaulo Fabio Máximo in name of the emperor Augustus in the year 13 BC.

The Roman Wall is 2.266 metres long and has 85 towers all around the historic centre. Ten gates have the function of joining one part of city with the other and the walk on top of the wall is a usual walk both for visitors and local.

The Roman Wall of Lugo was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco on 30th September 2000 and is connected with the Great Wall of China since the 6th of October 2007.


The wall used to have five gates: Miñá, Falsa, San Pedro, Nova and Santiago. Between 1853 and 1921 five more gates were opened to meet the needs of the population.


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