Posted by: natiiseoanee98 | 04/02/2014

The Night Is Long

A night of winter a child of some ten years of age, was in a forest alone, lost… the child started to walk and look for a house or a person that was able to help him leave that place, he walked and walked but found nothing. The child, sad, followed his way in search of something. After fifteen minutes he saw a house and decided to go in. If was a forgotten house. As it was now getting dark and he did not have a place to stay he decided to sleep that night in that house. Being at night and afraid, the child wanted to go to sleep as soon as possible, so that the time could seem to go faster and to be able to follow in search of something that could help him the next day. The next day when he woke up he started to walk. Suddenly he saw one person and it so happened that he knew him and could ask him the way to his house. The man helped him and brought him home. The child’s parents where impatient. They gave the man thanks and told the child not to come back to that forest because they were afraid he could get lost again.


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