Posted by: martalamela | 16/12/2013

Tragic Christmas

It was Christmas day, everybody was celebrating Christmas in family, all the kids were playing with their new toys, no one was on the streets, only the snow falling. But it was not all happiness, in a small park a child was crying, his first Christmas without his parents. This child had as gift the news that his parents had died on the way home. He would not be able to spend one more Christmas with his parents and the last time he had talked to them it had been a great joy to hear that they were coming to his grandmother’s house to celebrate Christmas together. But this year they would not come …
The cold winter wind blew hard shaking the tree branches along with the long hair of the child. His black hair moved with the wind that crashed into his face, a little pale, his very beautiful green eyes that were now swollen from crying, her lips were blue from the cold. The boy had been outside since he had heard of the tragic news.


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