Posted by: msalcastelo22 | 30/11/2013

The Battle Continues

A little girl and a good boy. The little girl is called Lauren, she is six years old. She is very tall and thin, she has blond hair and green eyes. The good boy is called Tim, he is twelve years old. He is tall and thin, he has dark hair and blue eyes.

At the moment the little girl and the good boy are going to the school. Lauren studies French and Tim studies literature. In Lauren’s class, the teacher asks questions to the students: What will you do when you grow up? Lauren doesn’t know the answer. Tim is her best friend and helps  Lauren. Lauren  likes painting, tennis…

Lauren doesn’t know, her mum always says: “The battle continues”. So far Lauren doesn’t know what her job will be. In the morning, in her literature class, he gave her essay to the teacher. Lauren’s essay explains about the jobs for older people. He likes its tittle “The battle continues”, beacuse Lauren doesn’t know what her work will be when she is  older.


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