Posted by: anavrivas | 25/11/2013

A Sunrise Smile 18

The next morning, Liam got up very early. He was really confused about all the things that had happened with Miley and his wife. But he had got one thing very clear, his true love was Miley.

He called her wife for the last time. He wanted to solve all the problems to start a new life, and she agreed about talking for the last time.

They met two hours later in Liam’s house. Miley was also in the meeting. The wife told them that she was very dissapointed about what was happening. For a while she was the only one who spoke in the room, but finally Liam tried to explain her that after the accident he had very confused about his feelings, but now he was very sure about his relationship with Miley. His wife didn’t want to hear all the excuses, so she stood up and  left the house without saying anything.

Liam, overwhelmed by the situation, decided that he’ll leave the city in the next days, and without thinking, he asked Miley if she wanted to go with him to start a new life together.

Miley was shocked and…

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