Posted by: javisuarez97 | 23/11/2013

A Sunrise Smile 17

The next morning when Miley woke up and realised that she was in bed with Liam she felt over the moon, but suddenly she remembered that it was Monday and she looked at the clock, it was 11 o’clock!! She should be at work but she was at home yet.

Miley got up and dressed as fast as she could. Later she woke Liam up to tell him that she should leave because she should be at work but she was 3 hours late.

She left home and she ran to school. She arrived at break time so she had lost some classes but she hadn’t lost all the day.

When she finished her day she left the school and suddenly she saw Liam in his car waiting for her, but there was a little problem Liam’s ex-wife was trying to beat Liam through the window.

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