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A Sunrise Smile 14

He started to think, but he couldn’t. Alcohol didn’t let him think about what he was doing.

He started to look for the car keys, but he couldn’t find them. So he decided to get out of the car. But when he was going out of it, he fell dawn. He was so dizzy. He started to see things blurred. And he stayed there for hours.

After 4 hours being there, he felt a hand on his face, and he heard someone calling him. He tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t. What was happening? He didn’t know. And he closed his eyes again. He was lost again.

When he opened his eyes again, it was dawn. And he was in his bed. What had happened the day before? Who was the person who had carried him there? He decided to stand up and look all around his house to look for him… or her. He couldn’t remember.

He went to the bathroom, and he washed his face to wake up. But he had a hangover, and he couldn’t think clearly.

He went downstairs, trying to be noiseless.

He arrived at the living room. It was absolutely empty.

He went to the kitchen. And he saw her…

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