Posted by: 13sodapop | 15/11/2013

A Sunrise Smile 13

But when Liam arrived home, he found Miley waiting for him at the front door, holding a box of chocolate. When he got close to her, she gave him the box and he asked if she wanted to come in, because it was really cold outside. Once they where in, when they were in the living room , suddenly and in a surprising way, Miley confessed she had feelings for Liam, that she loved him with all her heart and that she would love him till the end of times.

Liam couldn’t think properly, so what he did  happened because of his first reaction:

He quickly took a bottle from a minibar and left his house, leaving Miley alone in there.

Liam had entered the elevator when he started to drink , and by the time he was in the garage, the bottle was almost empty. He sat in his car, totally lost.

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