Posted by: paloma12ballet | 10/11/2013

A Sunrise Smile 12

Liam went to his wife’s  house. He gave her the notebook with his bad actions, and she forgave him. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door: It was Pamela. Liam’s wife took her to the living room and she sat down on the sofa. They began to talk about the last events that had ocurred.

Liam’s wife was really angry with her husband and with Pamela, but she wanted to repare all the problems. Liam said to his wife that he loved her, but she didn’t want to believe anything, although she had forgiven him. After a while, Pamela said that she wouldn’t intrude in their marriage again. Then she left their home.

When Liam’s wife read the notebook, she started to cry thinking about her husband. He got up and embraced her. He understood what he had done and he felt very unhappy. His wife closed the notebook and said that she believed him. Liam went to his house and he thought of all that had happened in recent weeks. He wanted to change things.

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