Posted by: amairgin | 06/11/2013

The Megatoxos

megatoxosby Xosé Alfonso

The Megatoxos are two boys and two girls whose names are Ruxe, Faisca, Lua and Ninfa. The four of them priked themselves with a whin which has magical powers and they get super powers:

Ruxe gets the power of animals, Faisca the power of fire, Ninfa the power of plants. Lua is a witch and their teacher Larafuzas is super intelligent.

They go to the past to train to control powers while Larafuzas tries to build a machine to take away their powers. In the past they meet a celtic hunter. This hunter becomes a friend and helps them to train. But a terrible wizard appears who tries to destroy The Megatoxos because there is a legend which tells that the four boys and girls will destroy him.The wizard attacks them but The Megatoxos defend themselves and defeat the wizard. The wizard says that he’ll return.

The four of them return to the present and find that Larafuzas has not built the machine and the laboratory is a mess.


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