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I am a cat and I see life differently to humans. They all care and work. I sleep and eat… My mother and my father ruled ancient Egypt.

She was beautiful and all Egypt loved her. My father was very tall and strong he liked to kill DOGs.

My sister fell in love with a dog. It was an imposible love. My father would kill my sister and her lover.

And this is my family history.

The first adventure in Egypt was unexpected. My parents met Tutancat mummy in the principal pyramid. At that moment, they didn’t know what to do, and the first thing that came to their minds was to run. They run as the had never run to escape from Tutancat mummy. But just in a glimpse, the mummy showed up in front of my parents. My mother distracted the mummy, and my father scratched him on the face. When the mummy fell, my parents run to the pyramid for protection. After some hours…

…my parents were going to the return to the city. The city was very big, bigger than other towns. The city was called “In the dark shadows”. It was a dagerous city, where cat could investigate cases.

The first case of cat crime is the one of the butcher. They found the body in the fridge for human parts of the body. The poor cat dindn’t even know where to start, all the week cat was discovering clues that led him to the murderer. When he didn’t know who the murderer was he did not order the arrest. Cat used to put a trap for the criminals to fall and grab them. The cat had way to stop the murderers and that was what made the difference in cases.

Months later, a terrible murder happened. My father was murdered in my own house. I was very sad and furious. I promised my family that I would find the murderer. I started looking for people who hated my father. I was surprised to find tha my sister’s lover was among these people. Days later I found a dog footprint in my parents’ bedroon. On the bed I found a necklace with its name –Bobby. He was the main suspect, but I will not stop until I find the murderer…


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