Posted by: sunjita | 30/10/2013

A Sunrise Smile 10

It was weekend, Liam was with his son. They really enjoyed when they were together, in spite of everything . They had spent little time together because, his son used to be with his mum. Liam arrived home, he was thinking in the past.

Liam’s relationship with his ex-wife was very bad, he knew it. Liam was aware of what he had done, although he has changed, his past was chasing him and the evidence is his scar.

He had deceived his wife, he was frustrating, his marriage was a routine, he was boring, His wife had maintained a distant attitude, he had changed, something that she wasn’t understanding, he never  hadn’t time for his family, their relationship was colder and colder.
He was deceiving his wife with her best friend, Pamela, an ambitious and lying girl, she had fallen in love with Liam since she had seen him. Pamela hated Liam’s ex- wife because she had always had envy.

As every Saturday night, Liam had left his home to meet Pamela in her apartment, his wife had followed him and seen it all. Liam saw her and left Pamela’s apartment to run after her. He couldn’t find her, then he phoned her but she didn’t reply. Liam, repentant, took his car, he went to a pub, he drank and he had an accident. Since this day he hadn’t been the same.

He had decided to change, and now he wanted to do things better.

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