Posted by: msalcastelo22 | 25/10/2013

From friendship to love there is only one step

This is the story of a normal girl who falls in love with a popular kid. The girl is called Sophia. She is shy and therefore did not talk to her mates. One day in history class they had to do their work together, so they had to speak. They talked for the entire lesson and decided to meet later that evening in a café. Only half an hour was left to be gathered in the café. Sophia was getting ready while Rick was on his way. Rick was on time and was waiting for her when Sophia walked in the door of the cafe.


  1. I like it because of the name Sophia 😀 😀 😀

  2. You’ll tell me later how it can continue, because this is only a scheme.

  3. For me, this story seems beatiful because it is simple and normal.

  4. I love it!! Now go for the second part Mari ;-P

  5. Your story is interesting, I’d like to know the end.


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