Posted by: silviaby97 | 15/10/2013



Just a month ago I started BAC, and I come to a conclusion: you have to work to be up to date.

At the moment I like all the subjects but the most difficult subject for me is CMC because I’m studying languages and this one is related to Science.

It’s also true that many of the teachers like the Spanish teacher, the P.E. teacher, the music teacher and the English teacher are already known people who help us to study because we already know us from last year and it’s easy to work with them.

The companionship also influences the students and it’s not the same to be a new student as to be a veteran one because you have known other students for years.

To tell you the truth, since I started classes, I’ve found comfortable to be in BAC B and I think that this year will be hard but very positive.


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