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A Sunrise Smile

Her train had just stopped. She took her bag and her coat and walked on the crowded platform. She didn’t have much spare time. She had to take a bus to her new job… and it was starting to rain. She hurried on to the bus and sat in the first free seat. As the bus was leaving the station she could see somebody smiling at her, somebody she couldn’t recognize, but somebody who seemed to have something special.

She tried to focus in her new job as a biology teacher, because it was her first important job and it was something she really liked and that she would give her life for it. She really had great expectations in this job because Miley, that was her name, had had bad experiences in all the other jobs, but she had the feeling that this time it wouldn’t be like other times beacuse this job was in the high school where she had studied and had had a lot of good experiences. But, what she didn’t know was that when she opened the door of her classroom, to see the faces of their students, she was going to see the face of someone special for her…


When I saw him, memories came suddenly to my mind. I thought that I had forgotten them but fate sometimes plays a dirty trick on you. It seemed to me that everything was going badly for me that day. I couldn’t stop looking at him but it seemed as if he still hadn’t realized that I was there. Eventually I realized that I wasn’t a student but the teacher.

When the students saw me, they sat down and they waited for me to begin the lesson…

Many years had passed since I had finished school. The face of the student in the fifth row reminded me of a very important person in my adolescence –my first love. And I had already met him by chance accompanying his father. And I think that he knew me but now he is his son and I am her teacher.

Finally, everything would be fine, I thought, because the smile in the train station would bring me luck.

I had never thought about going back to see the man, but after seeing the child I felt I had to see him again.


Her curiosity to meet him was growing up more and more every day. The second Monday in the school year had been a fantastic morning. Miley was happy with her new job as a teacher. It was the last lesson in the morning. She had finished all her work and was ready to go home when she saw a man at the door. A shiver went down her spine, she knew she had found him. When the man turned round she saw that something had changed in his face, he had a big scar. What had happened to the love of her life? She remained pensive, she wanted to discover all about Liam’s new life, her love.

Suddenly thoughts crowded into her head, she remembered the good times, when they were friends, well a bit more than friends. She had never forgotten him, how could she forget the love of her life.

‘Excuse me, can I come in?’ he said, she reacted to his words saying ‘Yes, of course you can.’ Her nerves were on edge and her legs trembling.

He came towards her. He had recognized her immediately, he gave her a hug and a kiss. It didn’t take him long to tell her he was the father of one of her students and he was divorced from his wife, that was what she had been longing to hear for years. She didn’t care about the scar she was still in love with him.

She had a lot of questions in her mind about Liam, but she didn’t know how to solve them. So, she decided to think up a plan to meet her first love again.  When Miley arrived home, she recalled memories of Liam. She remembered when he looked at her, how he smiled at her, when he huged her, how he kissed her…

She couldn’t think that this love was finished now.

The next day when she was at home, she started to draw up a plan and it wasn’t difficult for her. In fact  it had been her job so far up  to now.  In spite of her feelings she couldn’t stop thinking of the scar in his face. She was used to observing and analysing down to the last detail, and she couldn’t change her mind and her past so easily. She began to prepare a pop quiz for her pupils. It was obvious that Liam’s son would fail the exam, her plan was going on. After two days Liam was there, in front of her desk, she had to act carefully to find out the story of the scar and to be on good terms with him.

After she spoke with Liam she thought about the situation. Miley knew all the things she wanted excluding one of them, Liam hadn’t mentioned the cause of his scar, when she had asked about this he had avoided any answer. Miley decided to wait for some days while she continued teaching her pupils and Liam’s son.

Miley started to investigate the cause of Liam’s scar and she arrived to the conclusion that some months before, when Liam and his wife had broken their relation he had had a car accident and he had fallen into a coma. The scar was the result of an operation.

It was weekend, Liam was with his son. They really enjoyed when they were together, in spite of everything . They had spent little time together because, his son used to be with his mum. Liam arrived home, he was thinking in the past.

Liam’s relationship with his ex-wife was very bad, he knew it. Liam was aware of what he had done, although he has changed, his past was chasing him and the evidence is his scar.

He had deceived his wife, he was frustrating, his marriage was a routine, he was boring, His wife had maintained a distant attitude, he had changed, something that she wasn’t understanding, he never  hadn’t time for his family, their relationship was colder and colder.
He was deceiving his wife with her best friend, Pamela, an ambitious and lying girl, she had fallen in love with Liam since she had seen him. Pamela hated Liam’s ex- wife because she had always had envy.

As every Saturday night, Liam had left his home to meet Pamela in her apartment, his wife had followed him and seen it all. Liam saw her and left Pamela’s apartment to run after her. He couldn’t find her, then he phoned her but she didn’t reply. Liam, repentant, took his car, he went to a pub, he drank and he had an accident. Since this day he hadn’t been the same.

He had decided to change, and now he wanted to do things better.

He started to write every bad thing he had done along his life on a notebook . He had changed his mind trying to do everything he liked, which he couldn’t  do before due to his job.

But before doing all these things he wanted his relationship with his wife and his son to be again as it used to be some years before the problems in the family happened. He also wanted to finish with his lover Pamela.

Pamela had been the one who had taken the family to this situation. He had a large conversation with his family. He told them, they would change their jobs, their city and start a new life.

The family agreed, they decided to give each other a second opportunity to get away from what had nearly broken their marriage and their lives.

Liam went to his wife’s  house. He gave her the notebook with his bad actions, and she forgave him. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door: It was Pamela. Liam’s wife took her to the living room and she sat down on the sofa. They began to talk about the last events that had ocurred.

Liam’s wife was really angry with her husband and with Pamela, but she wanted to repare all the problems. Liam said to his wife that he loved her, but she didn’t want to believe anything, although she had forgiven him. After a while, Pamela said that she wouldn’t intrude in their marriage again. Then she left their home.

When Liam’s wife read the notebook, she started to cry thinking about her husband. He got up and embraced her. He understood what he had done and he felt very unhappy. His wife closed the notebook and said that she believed him. Liam went to his house and he thought of all that had happened in recent weeks. He wanted to change things.

But when Liam arrived home, he found Miley waiting for him at the front door, holding a box of chocolate. When he got close to her, she gave him the box and he asked if she wanted to come in, because it was really cold outside. Once they where in, when they were in the living room , suddenly and in a surprising way, Miley confessed she had feelings for Liam, that she loved him with all her heart and that she would love him till the end of times.

Liam couldn’t think properly, so what he did  happened because of his first reaction:

He quickly took a bottle from a minibar and left his house, leaving Miley alone in there.

Liam had entered the elevator when he started to drink , and by the time he was in the garage, the bottle was almost empty. He sat in his car, totally lost.

He started to think, but he couldn’t. Alcohol didn’t let him think about what he was doing.

He started to look for the car keys, but he couldn’t find them. So he decided to get out of the car. But when he was going out of it, he fell dawn. He was so dizzy. He started to see things blurred. And he stayed there for hours.

After 4 hours being there, he felt a hand on his face, and he heard someone calling him. He tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t. What was happening? He didn’t know. And he closed his eyes again. He was lost again.

When he opened his eyes again, it was dawn. And he was in his bed. What had happened the day before? Who was the person who had carried him there? He decided to stand up and look all around his house to look for him… or her. He couldn’t remember.

He went to the bathroom, and he washed his face to wake up. But he had a hangover, and he couldn’t think clearly.

He went downstairs, trying to be noiseless.

He arrived at the living room. It was absolutely empty.

He went to the kitchen. And he saw her…

Miley was looking at him, smiling. She had a beautiful smile, like a rainbow. Liam felt that everything had changed when he saw that smile. He forgot about his wife. He forgot about Pamela and he forgot about his plans of leaving his job and starting a new life with her son. He only wanted to be with Miley.

-What are you doing here? Who brought me home?- He said surprised.

-You were drunk. I found you in the garage, lying on the floor. You were unconscious, so I took you to bed. I’m making coffee. Would you like a cup?- She said happily.

-Yes, please. My head is killing me.

She handed him the cup of coffee. When she came closer, they looked at each other intensely for a few seconds. Suddenly and without knowing how, they were kissing. When they realized what they were doing they separated abruptly.

He realised what he had done. He wanted to be with her, for him, the past wasn’t important. He called his wife and he explained everything tha had happened. Her wife couldn’t believe that, she was very angry, she hated him.

Liam met Miley. They spent a very good evening but Liam wanted to have supper with Miley. They had supper at a fancy restaurant. He told Miley that he had arrenged everything with his wife and he only loved her. They came home and spent the night together.

The next morning when Miley woke up and realised that she was in bed with Liam she felt over the moon, but suddenly she remembered that it was Monday and she looked at the clock, it was 11 o’clock!! She should be at work but she was at home yet.

Miley got up and dressed as fast as she could. Later she woke Liam up to tell him that she should leave because she should be at work but she was 3 hours late.

She left home and she ran to school. She arrived at break time so she had lost some classes but she hadn’t lost all the day.

When she finished her day she left the school and suddenly she saw Liam in his car waiting for her, but there was a little problem Liam’s ex-wife was trying to beat Liam through the window.

The next morning, Liam got up very early. He was really confused about all the things that had happened with Miley and his wife. But he had got one thing very clear, his true love was Miley.

He called her wife for the last time. He wanted to solve all the problems to start a new life, and she agreed about talking for the last time.

They met two hours later in Liam’s house. Miley was also in the meeting. The wife told them that she was very dissapointed about what was happening. For a while she was the only one who spoke in the room, but finally Liam tried to explain her that after the accident he had very confused about his feelings, but now he was very sure about his relationship with Miley. His wife didn’t want to hear all the excuses, so she stood up and  left the house without saying anything.

Liam, overwhelmed by the situation, decided that he’ll leave the city in the next days, and without thinking, he asked Miley if she wanted to go with him to start a new life together.

Miley was shocked and…


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