Posted by: martalamela | 24/09/2013

Saint Malo

Saint Malo is situated in Brittany (northwest of France) on the English Channel. It is famous because of its wall and port. In the past it was mainly a pirate city but nowadays it is a tourist destination.

The people from Saint Malo are called “Malouins” (in French).  It’s a bilingual city; they speak French and Breton, but at present hardly anybody can use this last one. They’re loosing it little by little. Because unlike Galician in Galicia, it’s not compulsory to study it.


The principal touristic attractions are the wall of the city, the National Fort, Saint Malo Castle and Saint Vincent cathedral.  People also go to Saint Malo because they can go by ferry to England, specially to go to Jersey and Guernsey.

Saint Malo is famous for its shellfish, especially oysters. And also, of course, “crêpes” and “galettes” (they are nearly the same, the first one is sweet and the second one is salty).

Some well-known people were born here. For example, Jacques Cartier (an explorer from the 15th century), Jacques Gouin de Beauchêne (another explorer from the 17th century),  Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis (a philosopher, mathematician and astronomer from the 17th century) and Daniel Gélin (an actor for the 20th century) among others.



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