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I Miss Falling in Love 13

By Nerea and Marta

I couldn’t believe it! If all those drugs really belonged to my brother, what was I going to do? Would I be capable to report him?

With all these questions I went to the Eiffel Towel. But I couldn’t imagine who I’m going to see there… The man that I have to meet was the boy that I had met the other day, that boy with green eyes. He got close to me looking at me with his hypnotic eyes… It had to be a joke! It couldn’t be real!

Then he asked me if I was the sister of the drug-pusher. He was even more surprised than me. “How someone as beautiful as you can be the sister of someone as him?” he asked me.

Finally I gave him the purple bag. He was my brother but because of him a lot of people could be dead and I couldn’t permit it.

In relation to the boys, I’m still as confused as I was and I don’t know what I will do. Dear astronauts, maybe I find another boy and he is the final one. Only  destiny can know.


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