Posted by: iagofouce | 23/06/2013


by Iago & D. Carreira

HatzegopteryxHatzegopteryx is a genus of azhdarchid pterosaur, known from incomplete remains found in Transylvania, Romania. This would have made Hatzegopteryx one of, if not the, largest flying animal ever known. Standing its height was over five metres tall with a wingspan of at least ten metres.

It feeds on the ground picking up prey with its long and slender beak. It would have eaten small dinosaurs such as Magyarosaurus and possibly Bradycneme.

The genus was named in 2002 by their discoverers the french paleontologist Eric Buffetaut, and the romanian paleontologists Dan Grigorescu and Zoltan Csiki.

In 2011, additional finds were reported: the front of a mandibula, the possibly third phalanx of the wing finger, an unfused scapulocoracoid, a scapula, cervical vertebrae and a piece of a humerus.




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