Posted by: anavrivas | 15/06/2013

New York

by María Pereira Blanco and Ana Valín Rivas


New York is an American state. It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, because there, you can find a lot of famous monuments and a lot of different shops.

55221-manhattandrjeffOne of the most famous monuments in the world is there. The monument is the Statue of Liberty that includes Ellis island. The statue was designed by Fréréric Bartholdi and it was a present from French people to American people. To go there to visit, you must take a boat. When you are there, you can go to the top and have a look of all the city of New York.

Another important place is the Niagara National Heritage Area. In this region you can find natural wonders, cultural traditions and historical sites. This is a fantastic place to visit if you like nature.

Also, you can visit a very famous city: Manhattan.

Manhattan is the smallest borough in New York, but it has the biggest population. In fact, Manhattan is an island. Is a very beautiful place, and you can find a lot of differents shops.





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