Posted by: claudiaedrorei | 14/06/2013

Arde Lvcvs

by Claudia Edrosa & Yaiza Botana

Arde Lvcvs is a festival celebrated in Lugo. The purpose of this event is to remember the history of the city. A lot of people dress costumes as if they were Roman and Celtic people. The things that they do are for example: a circus, a market, recreations of old fights between Roman and Celts, sale of slaves and a lot more things.

The first years only a few people cooperated but now it is a very important thing in the city because with this we get a lot of money. Probably in a few years Arde Lvcvs will be more important than San Froilán (the other big festival of the city). This year Arde Lvcvs is celebrate on 14, 15, 16 of June.




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