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Águila Roja

by Antía and Belén

aguila_rojaÁguila Roja is a very famous television series in Spain. It has a very big audience, the best audience was 6.357.000 of people. This TV series won a lot of prizes, like The Best TV series in Spain.

Águila Roja is set in the 17th century, its principal actor is Gonzalo de Montalvo (David Janer), he is a hero, his hero’s name is Águila Roja. Gonzalo faces a lot of adventures and he saves lifes every day. He is looking for his family, because he was adopted. His real mother, Laura de Montignac (Julia Gutiérrez), was a French noblewoman. She was married with the king of Spain, Felipe IV (Xavier Elorriaga); but Gonzalo doesn’t know this. His brother is Hernán Mejías (Francis Lorenzo), the superintendent of the village. He is married with their other sister, Irene (Elisa Mouliaá), but they don’t know this; the only person that knows this is Cardenal Mendoza (José Ángel Egido), who wants to be the next Pope, and he is willing to do anything to get it. Hernán loves Lucrecia (Miriam Gallego), who is Santillana Marquise and she is a widow; Hernán and Lucrecia have a son, Nuño de Santillana (Patrick Criado), but this secret is only known by Lucrecia and Hernán. Lucrecia is pregnant with a king’s child.

Gonzalo also has a son, Alonso de Montalvo (Guillermo Campra), his mother, Cristina Hernando (Bárbara Lennie), was killed by Hernán. Cristina had a sister, Margarita Hernando (Inma Cuesta); her sister and Gonzalo are in love since childhood; but they couldn’t marry. Margarita lives with Gonzalo since Cristina’s death. She works in the Lucrecia’s palace with Catalina (Pepa Aniorte), who is a friend of Gonzalo’s since childhood. Catalina has a son, Murillo (Borja Sicilia), who is one of Alonso’s best friends. Catalina is a widow, but she doesn’t know this, because Gonzalo buried her husband in secret. She thinks that her husband is in America. She is involved with Cipriano (Santiago Molero), who is one of Gonzalo’s servant. The other servant of Gonzalo’s is Saturno García (Javier Gutiérrez), he helps Gonzalo in his missions, and he is the only one to know that Gonzalo is Águila Roja. Sátur has a son, Gabriel García (Óscar Casas), Gabi is one of Alonso’s best friends. Gabi’s mother is Estuarda (Marta Aledo), who is a prostitute.

Claudia also lives with Gonzalo, but her real name is Mariana (Mónica Cruz), she is Richard Blake’s wife (Jimmi Shaw); who is Gonzalo’s longtime friend. Richard Blake is in Morocco, because he is a pirate, and the guards had arrested him and Mariana. The guards then released him. He is in Morocco because he is looking for his treasure, so that the guards will also release Mariana. But Gonzalo has saved Mariana, and Richard doesn’t know.

The only one to know all of Gonzalo’s family was Agustín (Adolfo Fernández). He was a friar and a servant of king, he took care of Gonzalo and Hernán when they were children. But Agustín was killed.

If you want to know more about Águila Roja, you can see it every Monday at half past ten in the evening  in the channel RTVE 1. Also you can see all episodes of Águila Roja online in the Official RTVE Website.

We love Águila Roja, and you?





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