Posted by: juan9600 | 11/06/2013

Swan Fyahbwoy

By Juan, Héctor & David Penelas

SwanFyahbwoyElán Swan Fernández, (19/12/1979-) more known as Fyahbwoy or “El chico de fuego” is a dancehall artist from Madrid.

He began his artistic phase in 2005 influenced by the music called reggae up to this day he has made 3 albums: Ni Chance Ni Try (2006), Innadiflames (2009) and Extremely Flammable (2012). He is a different artist. His songs don’t have a record label, his system is Crowdfunding (people give money to him to make his songs),  he wrote and recorded his first song in the 2005 “Nuh Real Shotta”.  In 2008 he started with his first album with the name Swan Fyahbwoy and with the help of Mario (Daddy cobra). The supporters of this album had to pay 12 euros to contribute. Innadiflames was published in 2009 with very good songs.

Between 2009 and 2012 Swan made a lot of concerts and he worked on his job Extremely Flammable with very good songs and colaborations with national and international artists in Spain and Jamaica. Now he is working in another new album. Its first song is Mi Mensaje.




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