Posted by: danielcasvei | 07/06/2013

Anselmo, the Human Nyordo

by Kike & Dani

anselmoAnselmo the Nyordo is a fantasy character created by a Spanish youtuber called “Loulogio”. Loulogio took the character from a Turkish TV series called “Homodi” and then he put him voice.  This character looks like ET and he named it “Anselmo”. Then he invented the whole story of Anselmo’s life.

Anselmo was born in Nyordor Planet in Sfynter Galaxy. He was banished from his planet six hours after he was born. He travelled through the Galaxy until he landed in our planet. But he was adopted by a family of a drug dealer, when he only wanted love. He had to live in a basement in poor conditions of life. When his family was out he used to switch on the TV and he watched Mario Casas’ series while he listened to Ricky Martin’s songs.

But one day his family was in danger because a Mexican couple had kidnapped them. Anselmo, using his power, saved his family and they gave him a box of “Plastidecors”. Anselmo loved this present and he enjoys drawing himself in a Ricky Martin’s concert.

Anselmo ended up living with Loulogio, but we don’t know clearly how it happened. Loulogio uses him as a servant but Anselmo doesn’t argue. Some days Loulogio lets him use the computer and Anselmo has made his own Twitter. He has a group of fans call “Anselmers”.

You can find him in Twitter as @AnselmoElNyordo.





  1. I know Anselmo very well. Actually, he is my friend, and I agree with all they say about him.

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