Posted by: maitri97 | 06/06/2013

What do I think about Amairgin’s Blog?

During the year 2012-2013 we have been writing a lot of different posts in English for this blog. We have written stories in group, something about things that we like, about famous people, etc.

I think that writing posts in other languages is useful for students because doing it we learn vocabulary and how to express our ideas. Many of this blog’s posts are interesting and reading or writing them we learn about the world. On the other hand, there’s a problem, a lot of students use the classes when we must be working on the blog as if they were free hours to log into some social networks, to watch videos or to play computer games, so they say that they like English classes but it isn’t right because they do what they want instead of working. Otherwise, the blog’s ok, it has many visitors so the contents of the posts are interesting, and in addition we work our English.

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