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Punta del Este

By Mikaela and William


Punta del Este is the most famous city in Uruguay.  It is in Maldonado Departament on the Atlantic Coast. It has usually 9.280 residents, but in the summer the number of residents increase. Many celebrities spend the summer in this city.


Punta del Este was colonised by the Spanish at the beginning of the 16th century.

At the end of the 19th century there were kilometers of sand and dunes, but Antonio Lussich founded a botanic garden. In September 1986, Punta del Este played host to the start of  the Uruguay Round of international trade negotiations.


Punta del Este has pleasant summers and cool winters because of a mild oceanic climate. The hottest month is January with average temperature of 21.7 ºC and the coldest month is July with average temperature of  11.5 ºC.

Punta del Esta has beautiful coast and beaches. Brava and Mansa are two types of coastlines. Every beach in Punta del Este is public. There are quiet and calm water beaches while others have strong waves, white and fine sand or thick and golden ones.





  1. I like this post because it says very interesting things that people probably didn’t know.

  2. Interesting post! I will have go to Uruguay for these photos look like a paradise ❤


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