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Memorias de Idhún: La Resistencia

by Sara and Yésica

This is a book written by Laura Gallego García. She writes books for young people. In our opinion her books are fantastic. Most of her books include magical worlds or characters.

Memorias de Idhún is a trilogy about three teenagers: Jack, Victoria and Kirtash. Victoria and Jack are normal people (or that’s what they think at the beginning of the story) but Kirtash is a “sherk” (a winged snake) that can take a human form. He is evil, but his love for Victoria is bigger than his wickedness. Jack is in love with Vitoria too, and Victoria loves both of them. This is possible because they are strange creatures and the future of Idhún (a magical world) depends on them and their love.

“La Resistencia” is a group formed by Victoria, Jack, Shail and Alsan. They are looking for “Lunaris” and “Yadrak”, the last unicorn and dragon in Idhún (their spirits are in Victoría and Jack). Kirtash, in the end, is part of “La Resistencia”.

This book has mysteries, love, wars, friendship… In our opinion, it is a very good book and we highly recommend it.




  1. I didn’t know this book. Now I would like to read it, it seems really interesting.

  2. As Sara talked to me about them, I think they must be very funny.
    The post is very good, because they talk about the books matter.


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