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Tim (The Legend) Burton

by Fadi & Alba

Tim BurtonTim Burton is one of the greatest directors and producers nowadays, and he’s famous because of his dark films, with gothic topics. Despite that, he is part of the best film makers (in any way).

His best films, in our opinion, are:

· Edward Scissorhands: this is probably the most famous film by Burton, and also one of his oldest ones. It tells the story of a boy who (obviously) has scissors instead of hands. He lives alone at a very big house, and one day, a woman that was selling things at each house of the neighbourhood where they lived, discovered him (they thought the house was abandoned) and took him to her house. But then, the problems started to appear.

· The Nightmare Before Christmas: it is his first animated film, and it tells the story of a village which is in Halloween world. Yes, Halloween world, where the people, like vampires or witches, work to prepare Halloween. The main characters are Jack Skellington and Sally, who is her ”girlfriend” by the end of the film. Jack is tired of Halloween and, as he was walking in a forest, he discoreved Christmas world, so he decided to do Christmas this time. But he didn’t get what he really wanted.

· Corpse Bride: in an Victorian era European village, the story is focused on Victor, a young boy who is about to marry Victoria. But, by mistake, he marries… a dead woman! So he travels to the Underworld, where he meets other dead people. But some problems appear, and they have to come back to the World of the Living. So, in that world, some other problems appear.

· Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: based on the famous book written by Roald Dahl, tells the story of Charlie Bucket, a very poor child, who lives in a city where the most important chocolate factory in the whole world is built. One day, that factory decides to give 5 golden tickets to 5 lucky guys so that they can come into the factory and see the wonders that are inside. Charlie is one of those lucky guys.

· Alice in Wonderland: also based on the well-known books by Lewis Carroll (specially the second one: Through the Looking-Glass). Alice returns to Wonderland (although she doesn’t remember the first time she came in), and this time to fight against the Red Queen and her dragon: Jabberwocky



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